Monitoring response to cancer treatment using point-of-care multimodal cfDNA profiling
Grant Amount: NIS 2.6 million
About the Project
During cancer treatment, it is difficult to evaluate treatment effectiveness. Follow-up is routinely done using protein tumor markers or imaging techniques that determine the dimensions of the tumor, but provide no information on the tumor molecular and cellular characteristics. Our aim is to develop a method to monitor the tumor's response to treatment, by sequencing DNA obtained from a blood test in a widely available point-of care setting. The test will report the presence of cancer cells, will provide information about the genetic characteristics of the tumor and will be able to detect possible tissue damage caused by the treatment in a few hours.
This information will improve the doctor's ability to determine the treatment and dose needed.
Research Team
Dr. Tommy Kaplan
School of Computer Science and Engineering, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Benjamin Berman
Developmental Biology and Cancer Research, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dr. Aviad Zick
Oncology, Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Kerem
Dr. Amir Eden
Life Sciences Institute, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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