A Computational and Experimental Personalized Medicine Approach for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Genetic Diseases
Grant Amount: NIS 4.9 Million
About the Project
Thousands of different rare diseases are known, which affect the lives of some one hundred million people around the globe, but for most of them there is no dedicated treatment. This multidisciplinary project employs new approaches to translate patient-specific genomic data into guides for intervention and development of novel, tailored therapies for the specific mutation. The study is being conducted in cooperation with MIDGAM – the Israeli Biorepository Network for Research.
Research Team
Prof. Rotem Karni
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Faculty of Medicine)
Prof. Erez Levanon
Bar-Ilan University (Faculty of Life Sciences)
Prof. Batsheva Kerem
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Department of Genetics, Life Sciences Institute)
Prof. Eitan Kerem
Hadassah Medical Center (Pediatric Department)
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