Understanding the Relation of Cellular and Immuno-senescence in Aging and their Relevance to the Dynamics and Clinical Outcomes of Severe Infections
Grant Amount: NIS 4.2 Million
About the Project
Disease-causing infections are preventable and curable. Unfortunately, much is not known on the risk for infections and the risk for developing a severe or lethal infection. The study will examine how variation between individuals in two fundamental processes of aging – that of the immune system and that of cells of other organs – play out in infection. Ultimately, the research is expected to lead to predictive markers for infection severity and clinical outcomes. The study is being conducted in cooperation with the Maccabi Health Data Science Institute.
Research Team
Prof. Shai Shen-Orr
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Faculty of Medicine)
Prof. Valery Krizhanovsky
Weizmann Institute of Science (Molecular Cell Biology)
Prof. Michal Paul
Rambam Health Care Campus (Institute of Infectious Diseases)
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