Modeling Tubulopathies Using Patient-Specific Kidney Organoids for Renal Precision Medicine – Mitochondrial Disease-Associated Fanconi Syndrome as Proof of Concept
Grant Amount: NIS 1.75 Million
About the Project
In this study, urine will be collected from patients, and stem cells isolated from the urine will be expanded and built into kidney micro tissues (termed spheres or organoids) which simulate kidney function in a petri dish. The researchers aim to study mitochondrial diseases that damage the kidneys, by generating organoids from patients’ urine, studying defective pathways, and determining which specific drugs can enhance mitochondrial functions and potentially cure mitochondrial disease.
Research Team
Prof. Benjamin Dekel
Sheba Medical Center (Head, Pediatric Stem Cell Research Institute and Division of Pediatric Nephrology)
Dr. Tomer Kalisky
Bar-Ilan University (Bioengineering)
Prof. Yair Anikster
Sheba Medical Center (Head, Metabolic Disease Unit)
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