Inherited Retinal Diseases: From the Identification of Genes and Risk Factors to a New Method of Personalized Medicine
Grant Amount: NIS 4.2 Million
About the Project
Inherited retinal diseases are a group of blinding conditions that lead to drastic reduction in the quality of life of those affected, and also impose a substantial socioeconomic burden on society. While currently there is no effective treatment for the majority of these diseases, novel therapies, including gene- and cell-based approaches, are now emerging in this field. The research aims to leverage national epidemiological resources and recent developments in personalized medicine to better characterize, diagnose, and treat these diseases. The researchers’ hope and expectation is that the results of this initiative will contribute to our understanding of the biology and epidemiology of IRDs, and will open new avenues for improved screening, diagnosis, genetic counseling, prevention, and treatment of inherited retinal diseases.
Picture of the project
Research Team
Prof. Dror Sharon
Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center (Ophthalmology)
Prof. Eyal Banin
Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center (Opthamology)
Prof. Shay Ben-Aroya
Bar-Ilan University (Faculty of Life Sciences)
Dr. Shai Carmi
The Hebrew University (School of Public Health)
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